Being a Community Advisor: A Major Leadership Opportunity

The House Model at Carnegie Mellon University is built around close-knit communities, professional staff, exceptional student leaders and engaged residents. Community Advisors (CAs) provide a vision for how daily life can be run in each of the housing communities. They make every resident feel at home, foster positivity and inclusiveness in the halls and lead … Continue reading Being a Community Advisor: A Major Leadership Opportunity

“RA-ing Is as Much about Giving as It Is Growing”

A sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering and physics with a penchant for performing arts, DaVonne Henry (pictured above left of center) is also an RA for Scobell 2. We asked him to share his thoughts and perspectives on his RA experience, and DaVonne provides us with a great insider look on what the RA journey means to him. His honest and personal reflections on the experience may inspire you to pursue this important and rewarding role in residence life at Carnegie Mellon University.